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༄ look like cindy kimberly ‧₊˚

::❏ welcome to @ely’s bakery ↷ 
⌗ it’s #sweetpeachhour beautiful bitches ㅡ  ˑ̫ 

Hello! I’m Ely! This is a subliminal which will help you achieve everything that is stated here as well as everything in the pinned comment. My subliminals will help you achieve extremely fast results, so I hope you like it. Please read through the description first 😉 If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments or pm me on Amino (SUA)! Best of luck on your journey 💛

➳ What is a subliminal
A subliminal is simply an audio with hidden affirmations in it- which we cannot hear. These affirmations are heard by our subconscious, however, and eventually, we will achieve what the subliminal says it will give eg if you listen to a green eyes subliminal, you will get green eyes.

➳ What to do
All you really need to do is listen to the sub. You may look at pictures of your goals, but that is optional. I recommend meditation whilst listening, but you may also multitask- just don’t do anything that requires a lot of concentration eg driving. Listen every day until desired results, for around an hour or two per day. Drink water while you listen and try not to look for or obsess over results. Results come differently for every one so please be patient.

-ˋˏ ──── ˎˊ-

➶ ❁۪ 。˚  ✧ Benefits (overall bc they’re WAY too many to fit) :

╰▸ look exactly like Cindy Kimberly
╰▸ have her face
╰▸ have her face shape
╰▸ have her face size
╰▸ have her facial features
╰▸ have her nose
╰▸ have her nose shape
╰▸ have her nose size
╰▸ have her eyes
╰▸ have her eye shape
╰▸ have her eye size
╰▸ have her lips
╰▸ have her lip shape
╰▸ have her lip size
╰▸ have her eyebrows
╰▸ have her eyebrow shape
╰▸ have her eyebrow size
╰▸ have her exact face
╰▸ look exactly like her
╰▸ slim nose
╰▸ thin upturned nose & nose tip
╰▸ slimmer face
╰▸ longer face
╰▸ oval shaped face
╰▸ v shaped jaw
╰▸ subconscious accepts affirmations easily
╰▸ extremely fast results
╰▸ always get extremely fast results
+ a built in scret booster I’m yet to release y’all!

✧ * • Extras:

– Be vibrationally aligned with your desire
– Suggestible subconscious mind
– Recieve compliments
– Only desired results
– Extremely fast results
– Results faster than you can say “Ely”- LITERALLY y’all this is more powerful than all the MF avengers combined istg ngl

-ˋˏ Notes: ˎˊ-

– Results are permanent
– Safe
– No negative or hidden affs
– I recommend listening for 1 to 2 hours a day
– Drink water
– You can listen without headphones but they are recommended
– Results are different for everyone
– Believe
– Trust, let go and detach

I DO NOT own the music/song, images/ thumbnail pics, fonts etc. ALL credits to rightful owners!

Good luck with your results!

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❝there are no limits on what you can accomplish, except for the limits you place on your own thinking❞