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2019 sees the world’s most iconic house music brand, Hedkandi, celebrate its 20th Anniversary. One of the worlds biggest DJ´s & Producers: Grammy nominated DJ/Producer StoneBridge has announced Hedkandi – 20th Anniversary tour. Catch all the tour dates and ticket details www.hedkandi.com/events/ #Grammy #Nominated #StoneBridge Line Up Stonebridge Freemasons Mark Doyle Katherine Ellis (LIVE PA) Soraya Vivian (LIVE PA) Jayli Lady V (SAX) Asaf (PERCUSSION) Launching as a radio station on Jazz FM back in 1999, Hedkandi quickly became a dance music phenomenon. Building on the popularity of the radio show, Hedkandi began releasing music under its own imprint as well as over 200 compilations. Buy Tickets: https://www.theroadmender.com


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