Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef: Aja (on Drag Race, Queer Culture/Artistry, New Music, Prince & Kandy Muse)



Aja steps Behind The Rope. Yes, we all know Aja from their appearance on Drag Race Season Nine and All Stars Season Three. There is much more to Aja than their appearance on our favorite Ru shows. Born and raised in Brooklyn, we knew we liked Aja for a reason, they got into drag at a young age by performing at the local New York City bars. That NYC training led to a coveted spot on both of the aforementioned Drag Race shows. Aja chats about what the experience was like being part of both blockbuster shows – the good, the bad, the other. Of course, we talk about Ru, the judges, and some of our fav guest judges during Aja’s tenure: Lady Gaga, Tori Spelling, Jennie Garth, and Naya Rivera. Aja opens up about life after Drag Race which, yes, includes a career in music. Being completely committed to the craft, Aja announced a few years back that they are no longer a “Drag Queen” but instead are a “Queer Artist”. Speaking of drag queens, Aja dishes on their favs from this just completed season of Drag Race, discusses whether they think RuPaul and Drag Race have adequately incorporated trans women, trans men, non-binary and all other contestants who deserve representation into the show, including the new catch phrase used this past season, and opens up about their beef, fall out, and current status of their relationship with last season’s contestant Kandy Muse. Remember we mentioned Aja’s music? Well, Aja has new music in the form of a stellar CD, “Crown” featuring the first single “21 Roads”. Aja chats about their musical inspirations (one includes Prince and we are so here for it!), some of the overall themes heard on the album such as fame, race, gender, class, their fav track, what artist they would love to work with, and just how important is it to incorporate non-binary visibly and cultural representation in their music.




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