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The nature of Ashley Benson and Cara Delevingne’s relationship has FINALLY been revealed.

Looks like those rumors were true, y’all!
After months of playing it coy and keeping things on the down low, it seems as if Ashley Benson was finally ready to reveal the status of her relationship with Cara Delevingne. And of course, Ashley did it in the form of an Instagram comment – well, multiple Insta comments to be exact.

On Monday, Cara posted a fierce photo of herself in a gorgeous gold Balmain dress to Instagram and it didn’t take long for Ashley to post some very telling comments. In one comment Ash simply wrote, “mine” and then she followed that one up with QUOTE, “I can see your” with three sushi emojis and THEN she commented one more time with a poop emoji.

While it wasn’t an adorable couple-y photo confirmation, those Insta comments are probably as much of an official confirmation as we’re going to get. Ashley actually talked to People magazine recently and revealed that she tries to keep her romantic relationships as private as she can.

Ashley said QUOTE, “I think it’s the best way in any relationship. I’ve always been very private about them, and I think it’s just better. I mean it’s hard, I don’t know, you kind of can’t get away from that if you’re in the public eye. I just kinda try to keep myself as private as possible.”

Well, Ashley and Cara may have kept a tight lip on their relationship these last couple of months, but those flirty comments — along with the fact that they were spotted kissing each other at London’s Heathrow airport just last month — are more than enough proof that Ashley and Cara are more than just friends.

What do you guys think? Were Ashley’s comments definitely a confirmation that she and Cara are dating or do you think we’re all just looking wayyy too much into this? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Then click over to the right to watch another new video and don’t forget to subscribe to our channels! Thanks for hanging with me, I’m your girl Drew Dorsey and I’ll see ya next time!

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