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💛 Today is my birthday 🎂🎉🎁💛
That’s why I decided to do a HUGE ASS Cindy Kimberly combo cuz not gonna lie she’s face and body goals 👌^^
I used some of my favorite songs💖
Ikr I’m a vintage hoe 😂

💖W/ this sub y’all get💖

💖Cindy’s exact hair, lips, eyebrows, eyes, nose, face, jawline ( V shape ),
💖Slim and small nose
💖Wake up with full results
💖Desired results
💖Cindy’s body and thighs ( without height )

💖Since it’s my bday I got a gift for y’all

I added few affirmations for my mini booster that makes it hella powerful 🔥ofc I’m not gonna tell exactly what but I can reveal a lil of the secret 🙈
I used them in this subliminal too
So for example in this sub:
🖤Your………….. changes extremely fast till it looks like……………..
🖤Your…………… is identical to………………….

                    // t i p s //

🌌Drink wataaa… 💦

🌌Believe (Subliminals work for real)🔥

🌌Don’t multitask!!!! 🙅🏻

🌌If You hear the affirmations, turn the volume down, but I try to make them as silent as possible for ur comfort 💕

🌌Wear earphones or headphones 🎧

🌌 If U are confused then plz google how subliminals work 😁

🌌 For a stubborn mind, use a blockage removal but my subliminals always contain a blockage removal and a powerful booster ✌

🌌Use a booster ( as I mentioned, I include a booster in my subliminals)


❤❤❤love, hugs and kisses
                            -//sushi subliminals//