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soo this was filmed around a year ago in Hong Kong and it was really exciting to meet Neels of course. he’s such an amazing person, not for his looks (tho he looks incredible) but for his incredible soul that cares about others. he is very genuine and wants to spread love and heal the world. everyone only wants to take photos with him and post on social media, show off and get praises, compliments like “omg you’re so lucky you met him” bla bla but tbh i could care less about that! I’d much rather talk to him for a minute than to get an autograph. I think making connections and having a conversation is way more important. some people were really rude. they didn’t give him space at all and kept pushing. people that had their moments would not step back to let other people get a chance. people would not listen to him and did not give him any personal space. he had to legit run away because people wouldn’t let him go and kept chasing after him haha. anyways, I just think that things got a little too out of hand and everyone could have been a bit more respectful.