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HELLO FRIENDS!! Here is a weird video we made where I melted every soap from Lush together into a few different batches of franken-soap!! This type of franken-experiment has worked well in the past across a wide array of products like lipsticks, foundations, candles, and bath bombs (also from Lush!) – and as some of you may know, over the years I have developed a bit of a soap fixation, having recreated a couple different soap art tutorials, as well as several bizarre soap art hacks from the internet. So I was excited to combine these two interests together by mixing every single soap from a single store to see what kind of soap bar we could whip up. What did you think of our final product??

Thanks to Anne-Marie at Bramble Berry and Katie at Royalty Soaps! You can check out their channels here –
Bramble Berry: https://www.youtube.com/soapqueentv
Royalty Soaps: https://www.youtube.com/RoyaltySoaps

And you can check out Elly’s Everyday Soap Making’s Rebatching video here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STQ-C4L363o

Just a heads up – any footage of me w/o a mask in Lush is either from our old video (pre-quarantine), or from when we filmed in Lush this past summer with special permission before the store opened!

This video is NOT sponsored, but thanks to Lush for letting us film at your store!

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How do ya like the StoneBridge remix?

Amazing! Very cool!