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A new mix by my friend KK is keeping me company today. (He kicked it off with Linton Kwesi Johnson's "Lorraine" at my request.)

In response to the "One Good Book" post, Martin Doonan wrote:

It would depend on the purpose of the collection. However, if the aim were to be photography appreciation, in a broad sense, then I would recommend to your friend to buy something that was furthest from their current tastes in photography as possible. I've found I've gained a much better appreciation of photography by challenging my tastes than pandering to them.

That's KK in a nutshell. You'll never hear a single mix of his in which you already know all the songs/cuts/pieces/works. He's really expanded my horizons over many years. I call it "Kimfluence" (KK is Kim Kirkpatrick).

Another idea that comes up is T.S. Eliot's famous quote (Old Possum was a provocateur): "Genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood." Same is true of KK's mixes I think. I relax and let it happen to my ears; trust; don't stress.

It fits this quiet, gray, timeless noontime, anyway.

Also on the C60Crew site, Lorna Clymer's wonderful piece on Randy Greif's "Alice in Wonderland."

Thought you might enjoy.


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