Paris Hilton knows what she likes.
The entrepreneur and former reality TV star said that her clothing choices as a teen pretty much mirror her choices now.
“When I was little when I moved to New York when I was 15. I was obsessed with Patricia Field’s store. Which was on 8th street downtown. So I would actually like take my parents’ credit card and splurge and then get into a lot of trouble. So what is this place? Patricia Field to another store called Hotel Venus. And I would just buy all this type of clothes like Heatherette. And basically what Christian Cowan is, I was buying when I was like, 15 years old.”
Hilton recently walked the show for her fashion designer friend Christian Gowan, who launched a “Power Puffs” inspired collection.
The British 24-year-old designer said he didn’t have a lot of chances to shop for high-end brands growing up because he lived in the countryside, an hour outside London.
“I would save up my like pocket money with my best friend and we’d get the train into London and we’d go to like Harvey Nichols or Selfridges like the fancy stores there and we’d try and buy the cheapest designer thing that we could get just to buy into that world,” he recalled.
“I think the first thing I ever actually honestly had was a DKNY cardigan that I thought was like the holy grail, I love it. I’ve still got it. It’s like a prized possession to me because it’s covered in holes.”
Chinese Chanel model and ambassador Liu Wen said her first love affair with the brand started with a bag.
“Always a Chanel bag because that was a little girl’s dream so that was my, after one year of modeling I bought a Chanel, the classic one for myself as a gift.”
South Korean singer Jennie Kim, meanwhile, went for the feel-good, affordable items at a very young age.
“I was maybe 10 or 11 but my mom would come in and she gave me a little pocket money and I bought myself some lipstick,” she smiled.

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