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VLOG! prom dress shopping, studio shoots & I cut my bangs ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
โ˜† instagram - http://www.instagram.com/marlacatherine Twirl dress boutique - https://www.twirldresses.com shop my curated collection with Ivin March available on Friday, March 12th! https://ivinmarch.com Cherisa - https://www.instagram.com/cherisa. [...]
i cut bangs…
hey vlog chunks! this whole vlogmas thing is a fail, if I vlog everyday this month, I feel like it would be super repetitive since life right now is mostly school and work. let me know what fun video ideas you have or want to see me film on this chan [...]
cutting bangs because Zooey Deschanel told me too
whats up bangin' bros its me! Bang the Bangin' Banger Bang! I have no explanation for my actions. To all of my friends and family that have told me "no, jasmine, honey, sweetie, please don't cut bangs. you will regret it. I KNOW you wont like it" - y [...]
Quarantine DIY Bangs 3 Ways – Wispy Bangs, Zooey Deschanel, Micro/Statement/Bettie Bangs
Just having some fun wtih hair! 1:22 How to โ€œtrain your bangsโ€ 2:11 Fake bangs 2:49 Wispy bangs 8:28 Zoe Deschanel bangs 13:10 How to grow out your bangs 13:54 Short/micro/statement/Betty bangs 17:09 How to grow out very short bangs [...]
How to Trim Your Bangs At Home โ€ข Zooey Deschanel Style Hair
Here's how I cut my own bangs at home. Best tips: go slow, cut a little at a time, only cut when hair is dry and cut vertically with your shears. #stayhome #bangs #diy Hair Scissor Option: https://amzn.to/2VbqpPp SHOP MY AMAZON FAVORITES โ€ฃโ€ฃ https [...]