We’re on our final day of the Thank Bod Challenge: Day 5! Congratulations on your hard work. Today we’re using my favorite piece of equipment: bands! We’re gonna push ourselves and celebrate because we earned it! Let’s bless our body with some sweat. Thank you following along and feel free to repeat anytime you want. Remember we are all supermodels ❤️ Subscribe to my channel for more Thank Bod, Pretty Big Deal, and other fun stuff that I can’t wait to show you!

Special thanks to my wonderful trainer Kira Stokes who developed these workouts. Kira is my Certified Trainer on-site! Get fit with Kira anywhere and subscribe to her app!
Here is the link to purchase Stoked Bands

Band Workout Overview
Circuit 1
Work out #1 Squats with Super Stoked Band around knees
– hold squat and press out for 5
5 full squats
Work out #2 Lateral band walks with Super Stoked Band around ankles
– hold squat position and move 10 steps to the right then left
10 reps
Work out #3 Band walks forward/back with Super Stoked Band around ankles
– quarter squat position
* bonus, tap directly back in quarter squat for 15 seconds
10 reps
Work out #4 Band Clamshell
-Super Stoked Band is above knees, focus on gluteus medius
10 full reps (abduction)
10 pulses
Work out #5 Ab circuit
– move from one move to the next without rest
– dead-bug – 30 seconds
– pulsing reach to toes – 15 seconds
– bicycles – 30 seconds

Exercise Band (I use Kira Stokes’ bands!)
Link to purchase Stoked Bands: https://kirastokes.com/shop/

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