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➷THIN SLIM UPTURNED NOSE! Perfect nose combo & Cindy Kimberly’s nose Sub!

➷You ONLY get DESIRED results!

➷I worked my ass of on this so I hope you likeeee it!
➷This is powerful afffff yoooo use WITH CAUTION 😩

➷This is made with a powerful new technique that I recently discovered and it’s designed in such a way that you’ll literally get results in no time!
This is a new affirmation writing style I’m trying that I find to be wwaaayyy more effective!

➷Benefits (overall bc they are too many to fit) :

╰▸ Thin nose
╰▸ Slim nose
╰▸ Upturned nose
╰▸ Small nose
╰▸ Cute sexy nose
╰▸ Perfect nose
╰▸ Symmetrical nose
╰▸ Get rid of nose bumps
╰▸ Get rid of nose hump/humps
╰▸ Beautiful nose
╰▸ Cindy Kimberly’s nose (basically what I’ve described above)

+ a built in EXTREME super booster I’m yet to release!
& soooooo many more benefits! They’re legit so manny affs and benefits that all of them won’t fit here + I’m lazy… But enjoy glowing up 😉

✧ * • Be vibrationally aligned with your desire
✧ * • Suggestible subconscious mind
✧ * • Recieve compliments
✧ * • Only desired results
✧ * • Extremely fast results
✧ * • Results faster than you can say “Ely”- LITERALLY y’all this is more powerful than all the MF avengers combined istg ngl

☾Results are permanent
☾No negative or hidden affs
☾I recommend listening for 1 to 2 hours a day
☾Drink water
☾You can listen without headphones but they are recommended
☾Results are different for everyone
☾Trust, let go and detach

➷ I don’t own the music/song, images, fonts etc. ALL credits to rightful owners

➷Good luck with your results

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