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Emma Watson, you might know a few facts about her through other interviews and movies but there’s still amazing things no one knows about! Obviously, we all know her for her role as Hermione in the world-renowned Harry Potter series. Emma took on the role back in 2001 and probably didn’t anticipate that it would lead to the worldwide adoration that she receives today. She also probably didn’t expect the $60 million pay check that came as a result. But there’s plenty more to be learned about Emma Watson, because she’s so much more than Hermione.

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She’s also a fashion icon, a women’s rights advocate, and a model. She’s got so many talents under her belt and she’s sharing them all with the world. Emma’s net worth is thought to be in the region of $80 million – made up primarily of her Harry Potter fortune but also from her other acting roles and the number of collaborations she’s worked on. And when we say that Emma has a range of talents and skills, we’re not joking. This is a woman who’s known for everything from being a UN Women Goodwill ambassador to a “Best British Style” award winner and a “Favorite Movie Actress.” The awards don’t stop coming and it’s hard to keep up. But what’s interesting about Emma is her approach to money. This celebrity didn’t even know how much money she was taking in from the Harry Potter movies until she was 17. And until she was 18, she was living on a weekly allowance that was no more than many other college kids’. So when she spends her millions, she does so with a different attitude to many of the celebrities we’ve previously looked at. But that doesn’t mean she’s overly frugal, because this star has expensive taste when it comes to some elements of her life. But you’ll have to watch the video to find out what they are!

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