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It’s been 12 long years since The Hills has graced our television screens, but it feels as if it was just yesterday that was gossiping over lunch with her co-star BFF and the rest of the cast. Now a fashion designer, author and, most importantly, a mom-of-one, Port will soon be back on the small screen for The Hills: New Beginnings, though she’s never truly been off our radar.  From the makeups to the breakups, the leading ladies of The Hills taught us many important life lessons. The most important one of them all? Some relationships may go out of style, but when it comes to those good hair days, those will always be trending. From the side braid to the headscarf, there was nothing more notable than the ladies of The Hills and their hairstyles. We’re still taking hair cues from Port, especially when she revealed her favorite hair product on earning a perfect 10 in her book!    The It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-In Product is the hair must-have that the 34-year-old can’t get enough of. In fact, the blonde bombshell has been crushing on this hair-saving product so much, she even admitted on that she uses it on her toddler-aged son, Sonny!  That’s right, this spray is safe enough even for toddlers!  So what exactly is this miracle product? It’s a high-performance, leave-in treatment that claims to treat all hair types immediately. After applying the leave-in product all over freshly shampooed and conditioned hair, it’s recommended to comb the product from root-to-ends. In doing so, this super-saving styling product can help to repair dry damaged hair, stop breakage, seal and protect, detangle and prevent split end. Talk about multiple benefits!  It also looks to do all of this while giving hair a smoother, silkier and shiner feel that eliminates any of that unwanted frizz when blow-drying. Wave goodbye to all of those hot and humid bad hair days, too! It’s all about good hair days, now! In fact, this leave-in product looks to work miracles by enhancing our natural texture.    From The Hills to The City, Port has always been the voice of reason, serving up the best-of-the-best advice and suggestions. So of course, it’s completely understandable that Port would want her son, Sonny, to reap all of these hair benefits, too!  Make no mistake though, this small-but-mighty product isn’t just working hair miracles on Whitney and Sonny and , who is also a major fan! So many reviewers were left speechless over this treatment which leaves their hair silky smooth. Reviewer after reviewer loved how this product didn’t leave their heads oily and greasy when applying from root-to-tip like other products. Surely, we all know what they mean! There is nothing worse than products that greases up freshly washed hair. On the contrast, this product was oil-free but also left hair looking and feeling tangle-free, too. That’s right, it worked overtime as a detangler!  Other reviewers claimed this product was beyond perfect when looking for an option that worked on all dif